Post 101

Post Officers

1 July 2021 -  30 June 2022 Membership Year 



William Hocking

Senior Vice

Frank Poirier

Junior Vice

Paul Martinello

Operations Officer

Leroy Collins



Lawrence Skodis

Finance Officer

David Black


Asst. Finance Officer

Charles (Chuck) Woodruff

Judge Advocate

Timothy Keeney


Dick Thomas

Sergeant at Arms

Lee Hareld



Asst. Sergeant at Arms



William Hocking

Service Officer

R. Michael Dwight

Exec Committeeman

Michael Craddy

Expires: June 2022

Exec Committeeman

Joseph Mcilrath

Expires: June 2023

Exec Committeeman

Normand Guillemette

Expires: June 2024

Asst. Chaplin

Richard Szoka


Standing Committee Chairpersons

Appointed by the Commander

Note: Committee Appointments for 2022 Membership Year are under consideration.


Leroy Collins


Frank Poirier

Children & Youth

Frank Poirier

Communications & Media

(Public Relations)

Perne Maynard



David Black


Paul J. Martinello (Jr.VC)


Tim Keeney


Frank Poirier (Sr. VC)

National Security

William Hocking 

Veterans Affairs & Rehab

R. Michael Dwight



Note: Committee Appointments for 2022 Membership Year are under consideration.



Chairman: Frank Poirier Chairman: David Black
Member: Leroy Collins Member: 
Member: Lawrence Skodis Member: Frank Poirier
Member: William Hocking Member:

Constitution & By Laws

House Committee

Chairman: Timothy Keeney Chairman: Paul Benoit
Member: Member: Thomas Mehl
Member: Member:
Member: Member:

Service Officers

Flag Brigade

Chairman: R. Michael Dwight Chairman: Richard Young
Member: Daniel Glogowski Member: Joseph Kelley
Member: Lawence Skodis Member: Leroy Collins
Member: David Allen Member: Scott Hanks
Member: Paul Rasid Daniel Irish
Member: Sherri Marquis  
Member: David McCaffrey  

Flags On Main

Graves Reg. & Memorials

Chairman: Leroy Collins Chairman: David McCaffrey
Member: Joseph Kelley Member: David Black
Member: Douglas Stebbins Member: William Roy
Member: Robert Pease Member: James Cowan Sr.

Honor Guard

Color Guard

Chairman: Lee Hareld Chairman:
Member: Doug Stebbins Member:
Member: Richard Szoka (Bugler) Member:
Member: David May Member:
Member: Donald Wasik Member:
Member: David McCaffrey Member:
Member: Chuck Woodruff Member:
Member: Everett Morrill Member:
Member: James Cowan Member:
Member: Joseph Kelley Member:
Member: Keith Miller Member:
Member: Kirkham Schneider Member:
Member: Leroy Collins Member:
Member: Norm Guillemette Member:
Member: Paul Martinello Member:
Member: Richard Young Member:
Member: Ronald Collyer Member:
Member: Scott Kerry Member:

Parade/Parade Float


Chairman: Open Chairman: Richard Szoka
Member: Open Member: Leroy Collins
Member: Open Member: Frank Poirier
Member: Open Member: Open

Communications & Media
(Public Relations)


Chairman: Perne Maynard


Member: Bill Hocking

Member Frank Poirier  
Paul Martinello  



Chairman: Richard Szoka Chairman: Paul Martinello
Member: David Allen Member: James Radziewicz
Member: William Hocking Member: Leroy Collins
Member: Rob Sigafose Member: Douglas Stebbins
Member: Lawrence Skodis Member: Scott Hanks

Audit/Finance Review

Legion Baseball
Chairman: Timothy Keeney Chairman: Larrence Skodis
Member: Hamline Wilson Member: 
Member: Clarence Lariviere Member: Douglas Stebbins
Adviser: Manny Rodriguez (4th Dist. Finace Officer) Member:

American Legion Aux Liaison

Sons of The Legion Liaison

Kathy Dwight Paul Martinello

American Legion Riders Liaison

Senior Center Liason

R. Michael Dwight Dick Thomas

School Programs Liaison

CT State Police Youth Week


Boys State

Girls State

Willliam Hocking Willliam Hocking

Fair Booth


David Black